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Ivan Riches and Simon Purins are the founder artists of eyesociation where some of their work in other media can be found: http://www.eyesociation.org
Ivan Riches MA
Film Director/Producer & Visual Artist

Ivan Riches
Since 1991 Ivan has directed and produced documentary, campaign, information, drama and arts films that have been highly successful on television; ‘Sex and Independence’, ‘Beasts & Beauties’ and ‘Boredom to Benidorm’ on BBC 2, in film theatres; ‘Digging for Gold’, ‘A Healthy Risk’, Positive Ageing’, ‘Warming Winter’, ‘Are We In Your Way?’ and ‘Stories of Youth’ at the National Film Theatre - Southbank and ‘Exposure’ at the Institute of Contemporary Art and ‘Anti-Stigma’ & ‘Stress and Grief in Tenerife’ at Cineworld (Wood Green film Festival). ‘Warming Winter’ was also played at City Hall. He has recently become an associate producer with Channel 4 and has worked with many organisations in the public & private sectors including; Age UK, Age Exchange, BBC Disability Programmes Unit, British Film Institute, BT, Corus, G E Healthcare, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Mayor of London, Masrterfoods (Mars), Mind, The Royal Collage of Psychiatrists & Westminster Council.

Ivan has also written ‘How to do photography’ for MENCAP – a publication funded by the Arts Council.

Some of Ivan's other work is also available from these links:



“Over the past couple of years Ivan Riches has worked in association with the BFI Southbank on film making projects that display a high degree of professionalism and an empathy and inclusivity in collaboration with his trainee production team participants. As an artist as well as a director, Ivan's work often embraces the rich variety of archive and content available at the BFI and I welcome the opportunity to work with him in future.”
David Somerset, Education Curator, Adult Community, BFI Southbank

“Ivan is currently working on his 5th film for Age UK London. His knowledge of film documentary making is as diverse as it is extensive. He is able to impart his experience to the film participants with clarity and with understanding of their abilities and needs. His approach as a director has both inspired and empowered the people involved to make thought provoking and compassionate films, which have become pivotal to the success of our campaigns."
Hannah Conning – Communications and Campaigns officer - Age UK London

“Ivan Riches has worked on several of our very complex projects with frail elders and young people as well as intergenerational groups. He is a brilliant community filmmaker, professional - but incredibly flexible - he adapts to the specific needs of the people he is working with, which is so important to our approach to person centred care.”
David Savill FRSA - Artistic Director - Age Exchange
Simon Purins MA
Film Director/ Visual Artist

Simon Purins
Simon is a filmmaker and visual artist, with a background and training in traditional and new media.

Since 2003 he has worked on numerous film projects within the community and education sectors. Many of these projects have been inter-generational. Partners and clients have included: Age Exchange, Blackheath Historical Society & Boones Chapel, The Children's Society, East London Scouts, London & Quadrant, London Borough of Southwark, London Borough of Lewisham, Noel Coward Foundation, Primary & Secondary Schools in Leighton, Lewisham & Southwark, Research Design Architects, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, Southwark City Learning Centre, Southwark DigiNet.

Simon has a strong technical skillset and regularly supports film and new media projects in London schools.

Some of Simon's other work, in various media, can be found at:

"Simon has produced four reminiscence films for exhibitions we have been involved in, working with Age Exchange and the Blackheath Historic Buildings Trust. Two films were about the history and process of restoration of a Grade 1 listed almshouse chapel; 'Run for it' - was about childhood games and play from the 1940's to the 1960's; and 'Across the Divide' - interviewed residents of a housing estate in Leyton. His films describe the qualities of spaces and places and use interviews with members of the community who are able to describe their experience in their own words. Simon has an outstanding ability to deliver this invaluable genre of film making, professionally and artistically. His films were enormously popular, proving that filmmaking is the best way to make cultural and social history permanently accessible to all". 
Madeleine Adams, Co-director of Research Design [architecture] Ltd.

"Filmmaking and visual arts were used to engage hard to reach young people for our Greenwich Intergenerational Project at The Children's Society. Simon constructed stimulating filming, editing and recording sessions, finely tuned to the individual needs of participants.
Simon's technical expertise and sensitive facilitation gave young and old new confidence and skills which strongly contributed to the overall success of bringing together generations."
Caroline Baker, Project worker for Greenwich Intergenerational Project, The Children's Society.
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