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We provide a fully inclusive process for enabling healthcare organisations to inform viewers of their services and of new initiatives and changes in healthcare provision. This approach utilises the voices of service users, working alongside the guidance and experience of key health service professionals.

Service users relate their own experiences and talk about what is changing in service provision, what new initiatives and developments are available, how to get them and how to keep healthy.

Providing service information directly through peer advice and experience is a highly effective form of dissemination and in conjunction with professional advice and experience, this makes for powerful and memorable communication through film.

The way we work is complementary to holistic and 'person-centered' app
roaches to healthcare and well-being.

A major part of our film work is with universities, colleges and organisations in Health Service education and training, through which service users, patients and health care professionals, work together in developing and promoting holistic and person-centred care, self and supported empowerment and ongoing support and living-healthy life styles.

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'Overload’, directed by Ivan Riches, is a film about how modern day living in South London affects people’s senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, thought processes, feelings and memories. The film shows people’s accounts of mild to severe effects of overload, what triggers it, how it affects their lives, how it makes them feel and what they do to cope with it.

This film may have themes that can trigger upsetting memories or past traumatic events. Contains references to childhood trauma and child abuse.

“I am really impressed with the creativity and courage shown by the company that has both shared very personal and difficult memories, and learnt important new skills in film making and editing as part of the production process for “Overload”. Make no mistake participants have shown real courage in sharing their personal struggles with overload.  They have done so in order to challenge the stigma attached still to ‘mental illness’,  and to empower others who experience overload to feel they are not alone, and can find a voice through creativity”.
David Savill - Artistic Director, Age Exchange

‘Overload’ is part of Hearts and Minds, a three year creative arts and reminiscence programme for people who use mental health services in South London. The programme was created by Age Exchange, working in partnership with The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout three years of activity Age Exchange is developing projects in creative care, working across Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Croydon.

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'Making Overload'
Making Overload
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'Making Overload', is a short, 'companion' film by Simon Purins that documents our working process on the project 'Overload'.
'Warming Winter'
Warming Winter
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Lyn Perry - member of Hackney U3A and the BFI Seniors Programme Steering Group says:

"In March 2009 community filmmaker Ivan Riches visited the British Film Institute (BFI) Seniors Programme Steering Group to recruit volunteers to make a film on fuel poverty, for Age UK London, funded by the Greater London Authority.

Four of us enthusiastically accepted, excited at the prospect of  gaining hands-on experience of film production, particularly on a project dear to all our hearts. As members of U3A (University of the 3rd Age – a seniors’ learning co-op movement) we are always eager to learn new skills.

Over the next six months we were expertly guided in the processes of interviewee selection, scheduling filming – in homes and in the street – and editing the results. Ivan, and Hannah Conning from Age UK London, were unfailingly supportive and professional and considered even our wildest suggestions with consideration and courtesy. It was a fantastic learning experience and a great pleasure to be listened to and have our views taken seriously. The constraints of filmmaking and the need for moderation and compromise were gently brought home to us.

We all feel proud of the result. We believe our short film ‘Warming Winter’ makes a valuable contribution to raising awareness of the effects and consequences of older people’s fuel poverty and, more importantly, gives a lot of practical information on how to deal with it. Our aim is for the film to be shown widely – in community centres, local Age UKs and other
neighbourhood venues – so every older person can see it and benefit."

Warming Winter
was Commissioned by the Mayor of London (Greater London Authority) and made in partnership with Age UK London, with volunteers from the BFI Seniors Steering Group (British Film Institute, Southbank).

The full version of the film (30 mins) shows the devastating effects of fuel poverty in London and how older people have been enabled to cope during cold winters, together with information and advice from older people themselves and key organisations and professionals.

The premier of the film was at City Hall and the National Film Theatre Southbank, in winter 2009.

“Over the past couple of years Ivan Riches has worked in association with the BFI Southbank on film making projects that display a high degree of professionalism and an empathy and inclusivity in collaboration with his trainee production team participants. As an artist as well as a director, Ivan's work often embraces the rich variety of archive and content available at the BFI and I welcome the opportunity to work with him in future.”
David Somerset, Education Curator, Adult Community, BFI Southbank

Find out more about BFI Southbank >>
'Drug and alcohol abuse in Barking and Dagenham and available services'
Drugs and Alcohol Team
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A 30 minute documentary, commissioned by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council, Drug And Alcohol Team, working with service users and staff at The Gateway Service, Axe Street, Barking.
'Support Planning and Brokerage'
Support Planning & Brokerage
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The Support Planning & Brokerage Service model has been developed by Age Concern Bromley, in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley. The service provides self-directed support for older people who pay for their own care and support needs and works to enable a greater number of older people to continue to live independent lives.

Commissioned by the Department of Health Joint Implementation Team and funded by London Councils.
'Listening To Voices'
Listening to Voices
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Royal Collage of Psychiatry:

A training film made by Mental Health service users and patients to facilitate Junior Doctors, Psychiatrists and healthcare professionals, in listening to and learning from, Mental Health service users, patients and their carers.
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