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Filmmaking in the community

We provide a fully inclusive process for enabling organisations to inform viewers of their initiatives and services through the voices of their service users; who relate their own experiences and to talk about what is available to them. Providing service information directly through peer advice and experience is a highly effective way of disseminating information and facilitates people to make powerful statements through the medium of film.

Filmmaking that promotes community development, cohesion & regeneration, including intergenerational and cross cultural work.

Using filmmaking as a tool for promoting community development, cohesion and regeneration encourages many different groups to work together and consider themselves as being part of the larger community. This in particular includes intergenerational and cross cultural projects that span the gaps, often wide social gulfs between generations and cultures. We are experiencing that working with whole communities in this way enables the examination and promotion of similarities, common aims and celebrations of differences. In this current financial climate this approach offers better chances for locating project funding and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Using an holistic and 'person-centered' approach, our work as filmmakers promotes health and well being in the community.

Additionally, a major part of our work is in enabling organisations and their service users in the making of training films for the induction of new staff and new service users. This is particularly important in promoting a more holistic ‘person centred’ approach in advocacy, facilitation empowerment and ongoing support.

Filmmaking with businesses and their local communities

As an established community filmmaking organisation, we are extending our remit, to work with businesses that are interested in engaging and working with their local communities. We will help businesses to promote their work in the community through the medium of film. We are especially interested in working with employers (and their employees) already involved in volunteering schemes.

We provide a complete package that empowers and facilitates businesses and their employees to target and approach community groups and schools. Setting up, delivering and documenting a project through film will be of mutual benefit to all: businesses, communities, employees and schools.

A short film provides excellent material for marketing and distribution, utilizing online communities such as YouTube and quickly spreads news about active involvement in the community. This process promotes a ‘home-grown’ community feel and provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to ‘traditional’ promotional videos.

Films can also be presented to the following:

  • Local target groups, to display involvement and actions in a specific community centre or school

  • To fellow employees, encouraging them to get involved with their local community and education initiatives

  • To shareholders, to show active involvement in the community

  • To government and local government bodies to display input and commitment to community issues and education initiatives

'Court Whispering'
Court Whispering
Duration: 12:16    Play Film >>
Court Whispering was a collaborative performance project developed in partnership between English National Ballet, Historic Royal Palaces and Open Age.

Inspired by stories of 'The Glorious Georges' at Historic Royal Palaces, Open Age dancers worked with English National Ballet choreographers and composers to develop a creative performance that shared the sense of gossip and intrigue surrounding the Georgian Court at Kensington Palace.

After two months of intense workshops, dancers performed for nearly 300 people at the Banqueting House, helping the audience gain a better understanding of the Georgian Court through movement, music and participation.

'A String Of Pearls'
Crime Prevention Advice for Older People Part 3 - Safety At Home
Duration: 16:44    Play Film >>
A String of Pearls is a short film produced by Malcolm Jones and filmed and directed by Ivan Riches for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as part of the current exhibition called PEARLS.

It was made to link the subject and content of the Pearls Exhibition with a wider community. Showing how something that might appear rather exclusive actually touches a lot of peoples’ lives.

This is an example of our 'arts for museums work', showcasing how museum’s can invest in engaging with community groups and local schools, to encourage a wider demographic to be inspired by exhibitions/collections and to share their experiences online.

'Children Of The Great War'
Crime Prevention Advice for Older People Part 3 - Safety At Home
Duration: 17:38    Play Film >>
Interview with Piet Chielens - Curator 'In Flanders Fields Museum', Ypres Belgium, for the Age Exchange project 'Children Of The Great War'. This is an important Heritage Lottery funded project and part of the Imperial War Museum led First World War Centenary Partnership.




'Men In Sheds'
Men In Sheds
Duration: 05:35    Play Film >>
The 'Men in Sheds' initiative, offers men in later life a workshop, tools and equipment where 'shedders' (members) share the tools and resources they need to work on individual or community projects of their own choosing, at their own pace and in a safe, friendly and inclusive space.

The Shed is not a building but a network of relationships between the 'shedders'.

If you are 55+ you can join them at either the Eltham or Penge Shed. For further information contact Pauline Cahill at Age UK Bromley & Greenwich on 020 8294 3017.

'Community Volunteers Time Bank - Connecting People and Communities'
Men In Sheds
Duration: 13:52    Play Film >>
Age UK Bromley and Greenwich established their Time Bank in 2003 to tackle social isolation amongst older people, promote intergenerational relationships and enhance mental, physical and spiritual well being.

The Time Bank propagates and supports innovative ways of working where communities and local businesses work together to help deliver services. The value of our work has been acknowledged at local, national and international level.

Filmed and directed By Ivan Riches

Copyright © Age UK Bromley and Greenwich 2012
'Crime Prevention Advice for Older People: Part 4 - Message in a Bottle'
Crime Prevention Advice for Older People: Part 4 - Message in a Bottle
Duration: 07:09    Play Film >>

In the Crime Prevention Advice for Older People film, older people illustrate some practical steps that their peers can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.  By following these simple measures, together with 'top tips' from the experts - the police and other public services - older people will have more peace of mind when they are out and about and stay safe in their homes.
The DVD has been commissioned by Bromley Borough Police on behalf of The Safer Bromley Partnership and produced by Age Concern Bromley.
For more information about this film please contact Age Concern Bromley on:
020 8315 1850 or info@acbromley.org.uk

'The People's Story, Edmonton 2011'
The People's Story - Edmonton 2011
Duration: 12:25    Play Film >>
A film made at International Womens Day, Edmonton Green College Centre, North London.

Part of an Age Exchange project, funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Film made by Simon Purins and Ivan Riches
'Your Choice'
Your Choice
Excerpt: 01:47    Play Film >>
Commissioned by the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea:

'Your Choice' is an information film made by service users and staff of SCOPE, about services for people with learning difficulties, across the borough.
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